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Automate Run Of Liveupdate

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Guest kimbers01


I am new to AutIt and am really an AS400 RPG programmer so very simple answers would be much appreciated!

I am trying to automate LiveUpdate for Norton antivirus. I have a batch pgm that dials up to a server for uploading/downloading data. I want to run an autoIt pgm that launches the antivirus window, clicks on 'LiveUpdate' (Enter or Alt L) waits for next screen to be ready then clicks on 'Next' (Enter or Alt N) then waits while liveupdate downloads whichever updates are available and clicks 'Finish' (Enter) at end. Finally Alt x to exit from initial window.

Unfortunately while updates are being downloaded, if Enter is sent then 'Cancel' is clicked, the 'Finish' button only becomes active when downloads have completed.

I can open the antivirus window fine, I know how to make the pgm wait several seconds and I can send the 'Enter' command, but I do not know how to find what the different windows are called and how to know when downloads are complete and the 'finish' button is activated.

Can anyone help???????

Thank you!! :-) :D

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Not sure what version of NAV/SAV you run but some can run liveupdate via a commandline options... check out this page at Symantec liveupdate

Now to answer your question:

You can use Auto_Spy to check the controlnames and do a

ControlClick() command on the correct buttons....

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Guest kimbers01

Thank you very very much!!! auto spy is great - I can see that being a lot of use in the future. and thanks for the liveupdate link - found exactly what I needed in another document.

Thanks again!

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