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Create EXE file without Autoit EXE converter.

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Hi all,

Sorry because i need your time again.

Direct to the point and problem.

1. I need a code whereby can convert autoit file.au3 into exe without using autoit EXE converter.

2. The reason is, i want people input their password but at same time i don't want the people see or know file.au3 source code. (using autoit exe converter make people know the source code because they can see file.au3 source code)

3. Mean that, people only enter their password using inputbox, then klik create button. Then my program will convert the hidden source code including the password supply by people just now.

4. Hopefully all expert here can help me.

Tq so much.

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I think I followed you, Why don't you just use Do Not Allow Decompile?

Or if your source is that valuable, just use EnCodeIt in my signature (make sure you don't have any of the Call()/Eval() etc... that it says you can't have in your script), that way you can obfuscate it, and they can't tell what your script says if they do get the source code.

Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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If i set Do Not Allow Decompile, how i want people enter their password in my source code?

i give an example


I need people enter their own password change to PASSWORD then the program will auto convert all the code to exe. BUT i dont want people see the whole source code.

Their put in their password using input box then the code PASSWORD will change into the new pasword that supply by user. Then the program will convert itself into EXE.

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$passwd = InputBox("Enter your pass")


ControlSetText($winTitle,"","Edit1", $passwd)

if it needs to be used all the time just write it to an .ini or the registry

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