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Anyone have a 2D array display function?

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I know how to use _ArrayDisplay, but I need to be able to view a 2D array.

I could use a For...Next loop, but my $array[0][0] contains data, not the record count.

How can I display the array without knowing how large the array is?


I am basically dumping a database recordset to an array.

The way the MS object works, I won't know how large either dimension is in the $array[?][?].

I need a way to display the array without knowing how large either of those numbers are.


The database dump comes out in this format...$array[record#][value].

$array[0][0] is the first record and the first value of that record.

$array[0][1] would be the first record and the second value (if the table has more than one field).

Hope that helps.

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