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Just something I put together to incorporate in other programs I've written.

A library for creating a .XML file which can be read into Excel- I needed this to generate output for Excel easily that had colors. Technically it could be changed to do anything you want (different fonts/orientation/etc) but right now it can just set row colors and individual cell colors. Pretty basic and dirty, but it gets the job done for me and I thought I'd share back with the group.

Include it, then

$variablename=XML_Create(<num columns>, <num rows>)

XML_Workbook_SetName($variablename, "Workbook name")

XML_SetType($variablename, column, row, data type)

XML_CellSetData($variablename, column, row, data)

XML_Cell_SetColor($variablename, column, row, color)

XML_Row_SetColor($variablename, row, color name)

XML_Colors() returns array with color names

XML_Write($variablename, filename) writes the xml file

a few other things in there, but this gets the job done (for me anyway) much easier than all the DCOM stuff.


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