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Software Loader I made to make my life easier at work

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This is my first real auto-it program that doesn't just install a program unattended or cheat at flash games. I have unattended scripts for everything here at work, but we have so many different departments and employees that need special software and configurations that I wanted a way to see them all easily, group them into categories, and create "profiles" to make rollouts and special requests quicker.

This is one of those "I made it just for me" programs, but since all of the software and profiling information comes from a config.ini file (so my coworkers can manage it without bothering me!) I figured it may be useful for someone else. I ripped this out in like a day so it is very basic and the code is probably sloppy as hell. I'm also still learning autoit so I'm sure there is room for improvement.

Thanks in advance for any comments or criticisms.

PS It checks config.ini to make sure that the scripts actually exist, so you'll have to change those in config.ini to try it out.


You will have to rename this to config.ini. I guess the boards don't allow upload of .ini files.


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I like it!! :D

I sent you a PM, I am working on something similar, but it contains more details such as pre-requisites, Requires reboot, autologon features, and Install Order. Maybe we can compare notes and make something....

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