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WinwaitActive - I need WinWait until the GUI can accept user input!

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Help me please!!

Winwaitactive seems to be doing it's job but only to a degree, I want to open a window entitled 'Crocs' then close it as soon as it becomes active. However, when 'Crocs' window opens it becomes active but it is busy reading from recovery logs and doesn't accept user input for varying times between 5secs to 5mins(obviously eliminating the possibility of using the sleep command)

How can I get my script to wait not only until the window is present and active but until it can accept user input?

Here's the bit of script I have been using

WinWaitActive ("Crocs")

send ("!fx")


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welcome to the forums...

if there is a button or label or something that states it is complete, maube you could loo into controlcommand... you get the control info from au# window info tool from your start menu > Autoit3



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