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How coule I male the checkbox be unchecked?

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HI,everybody!! :D

I be a member of this forum today!!(My English is very poor!! :"> )

Post #2,big_daddy!!HI,I also have a problem of this!!But my problem is I couldn't uncheck the checkbox while the checkbox was checked.I used a lot of methods for this,but failed!!

First method,I used the key word "send":send("{TAB}{SPACE}") .In this instance,I use the para "{space}" make the checked checkbox be unchecked,but.... :(

Second, I use ControlCommand() ,but also failed.

so,I need you help!!How could I make it uncheck!!Thank you!! :)

"This is not on a wedpage"!!

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ok... please dont double post

control command needs info from au3info window

on your computer press

Start > All Programs > Autoit v3 > Autoit Window Info

use that to get the control info


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Yes ,I know that!!

I use the AutoIt V3 Window Infomation to get the control info.

so ,the full format is Controlcommand("QQ2005 Formal Setup","","button4","uncheck","")

but it couldn't make it be unckecked,I know this method is much better than use "send("{SPACE}")"

And I donn't know if I could use the key word "controlclick" settle this problem.

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