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Pic's And Buttons

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Is it possible for a pic such as GuiSetControl("pic", "C:\picture.jpg", 0, 0, 578, 235) to be clickable? Meaning like a button.... when clicked would cause a label or input field to change the text it contains.

If it's not possible for a pic to be clickable then is it possible for a button to have a green colored font instead of black and have a yellow color set for it's background instead of the color grey?

I realize I ask some outlandish questions on here sometimes. My wife tells everyone :iamstupid: to prove this point almost every day!

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Take a loot at all the Gui___ functions in the help file. Also look at AutoItSetOption("GUINotifyMode", ...)

$myPic = GuiSetControl("pic", "C:\picture.jpg", 0, 0, 578, 235) 
GUISetControlNotify ($myPic, 2)

While 1
   $msg = GuiMsg(0)
    Case -3 = $msg;user closes window
    Case $myPic = $msg
        MsgBox(4096,"Info", "You clicked the picture!")

Use Mozilla | Take a look at My Disorganized AutoIt stuff | Very very old: AutoBuilder 11 Jan 2005 prototype I need to update my sig!

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