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FileFindFirstFile () problem

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I have a strange behaviour with the filefindfirstfile () funtion. maybe someone can help me with that issue...

what I want do to? I want to find every "*.log" files in a special directory, let's say this directory is c:\temp. in this directory I have this files:





I assumed that when I do the following:

$search = FileFindFirstFile ("*.log")

I'll just get a search handle to the "*.log" files and not to the "*.log_*" files. but in fact when I later go trough the search handle $search with

$file_log = FileFindNextFile($search)

I also get the "0002.log_lix" and "0003.log_jix"!

did I miss something at this point? can someone give me a clue? it seems to me like it is totally unlogical to get this file within the search handle...




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