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Remote Desktop Connector


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Hello all,

Quickly what it does:

- Stores credentials needed to connect to a PC via Remote Desktop

- Stores Computer Names/IP addressess and what Credentials to connect with

- Generates .rdp files and connects with them

- allows you to change saved credentials that the connections use

- allows you to quickly switch between opened connections

A fellow that I know asked for some way to make it easier to update the stored passwords that he has for many Remote Desktop connections. He uses an MMC snap-in that makes it easier to switch between connections but if you are forced to change passwords every 30 days it can take a long time to update all of the passwords saved in the snap-in for all those comptuers.

Well, I couldn't find any information on how I could update the information in that snap-in so I decieded to write my own version. It didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would but it is a little buggy, so if anyone has any suggestions on how to improve this I would appreciate it.


The Script is about 400 lines so the file is attached.

Setup: From the Tools menu you must add some Credentials first, then add a connection item to use the credentials


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