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Find MX Record for Easy Emailing

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I noticed that you had to specify an SMTP server for the function that comes with Autoit (_INetSmtpMail), so I made a quick function to find the Mail Exchange for a given domain. Should work most of the time for finding a valid SMTP server for an email address:


Func GetMX($SomeDomain)
$cmdpid = Run(@comspec & " /C nslookup -querytype=mx " & $SomeDomain, @SystemDir, @SW_HIDE,  2) 
$line = StdoutRead($cmdpid)
$f=StringInStr($line, "mail exchanger =")+16
while $l < $f 
        $l=StringInStr($line, @CR, 0, $i)
return StringMid($line, $f, $l-$f)

I'm use to being able to give InStr a starting point, not an occurance number. Is there a better way?

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