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Lee Evans

ControlGetText and number comparison

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Lee Evans

Hi I am stuck. I am using ControlGetText to define a variable and then discover which of two values is the smallest and then use this as the maximum value parameter for a randomnly generated number.

DIM $wpfalen=0, $wpfawid=0

$wpfalen=ControlGetText("Pattern", "", "Static30")
$wpfawid=ControlGetText("Pattern", "", "Static32")

MsgBox(0, "What has been read from statics", "1st-"&$wpfalen&"-"&$wpfawid&"-")
If $wpfalen >= $wpfawid then
    $wpmax = $wpfawid
    MsgBox(0, "What is $wpmax", "1st route-"&$wpmax&"-" )
    $wpmax = $wpfalen
    MsgBox(0, "What is $wpmax", "2nd route-"&$wpmax&"-" )

But the problem I am having is that occasionally the >= statement is being evaluated incorrectly.

Do I need to convert the text from the statics to a number? If so how?


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