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Close IE > Trash Temp files > Restart IE

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Hi my dear Friends!

It's been a while since I was here and it's been a while since I played with programming (ie Delphi or ofcourse AutoIt). This is what I'm currently after >

I need to check if IE is running and kill it immediately. Rightly after I want to delete the temporary files, after whcih IE needs to start again.

This is for a project I am working on which involves refreshing some .asp page which uses Flash and xml. When altering this page the only way to have the changes reflect in the Flash part is to kill IE, trash its temporary files and restart it. Therefore autoit seems an ideal solution.

I have played a little wiht AutoIt and I am stunned by its possibiliities like the GUI etc. but no matter how hard I try I cant get a starting point > a simple form wiht a button on which to click and start the above procedure.

Anyone feel like assisting on this one cause I'm already dazzled by all the code I read in about an hour now.

Regards Paul :D

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Ooops folks...just got somehting working in AutoIt, not exactly what I wanted but I managed to make a start...will post it later on when I have finished it.

Regards Paul

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