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Windows Firewall

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...don't [mess] with the registry if your not sure what will happen...

Then use the Windows GUIs to write to that same registry setting:

Start > Run > services.msc > enter

In the right hand pane, double click on the entry named Windows Firewall/....ICS

When the properties window comes up...

Set the Start up type to Disable

Then stop the service and select OK.

Now, having written all of that - let me ask:

Is this the "normal way" as in:

"...my computer would freeze when i would try to disable it the normal way..."

If yes, then google and read up on netsh and/or SC.exe to disable the service the "abnormal way". :-)

...if you want to say something to me say it to my face etaoinshrdlu

After you have been a member here for a while, you might come to understand how passionately we attempt to defend AutoIt's reputation (and attempt to prevent it from being listed as a virus). Perhaps such an effort is - at times - misguided.

Edit - or perhaps not so misguided... given the sum total of your topics.

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