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Fresh set of eyes? Loop not incrementing..

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I can't seem to figure out why all of a sudden the $var1 isn't going to the next line of the file when it loops. $var1 is in red in the code here. It was working earlier but some other stuff wasn't. Only thing I really changed was how I opened that file and stated that it was $var1. Was necessary since all of a sudden it was telling me that I was using an invalid file handle at that same spot (come to think of it)...

Anyway, been tinkering with this stuff for too long. It seems to be VERY addictive. This could be a problem..

Ok, seems to not want to let me add color to the code so it's the line just inside the While 1 that says

$var1 = FileReadLine($mfile)

everytime I loop around it "should" go to the next line. I don't see where I'm closing it anywhere.. Perhaps a beer would help?

#include <_Trentlib.au3>
#include <Process.au3>

    $ofile = ("Outputfile.txt")

Func GatherComp()  ;exports all computer objects from within AD that have Professional in their OS Name to a file named MYMACHINES.txt
;MsgBox(0, "Run GatherComp Func?:", "You have entered the GatherComp function")
    $sCmd2Run = "logparser ""SELECT cn INTO MYMACHINES.txt FROM ""LDAP://sleh.com/DC=MY,DC=COM"" WHERE operatingSystem LIKE '%Professional%'"" -i:ADS -objClass:computer -o:TSV -headers:off -filemode:1"
    $sErrorStatus = RunWait($sCmd2Run, @ScriptDir, @SW_HIDE)
;MsgBox(0, "Error Status", "Error Status = '" & $sErrorStatus & "'")

Func CreateVars();gathers the image type and IPAddress of each computer that was gathered by GatherComp Function
    ;Opens MYMACHINES.txt for reading. If the file does not exist then it will return out of the function
        $mfile = ( "MYMACHINES.txt" )
        FileOpen($mfile, 0)
        If $mfile = -1 Then Return
    While 1
        MsgBox(0, "Start Loop", "At beginning")
        $var1 = FileReadLine($mfile)
        MsgBox(0, "Var1=", $var1)
        If @error = -1 Then
            FileClose ($mfile)
        $pingit = "alive /Repeat=3 /Timeout=1 " & $var1
        $rc = _RunDos($pingit)

        If $rc = 0 Then
            $sCmd2Run = 'alive ' & $var1 & ' > getip.txt '
            $ip = FileOpen ("getip.txt", 0)
            $ip = FileReadLine ("getip.txt", 3)
            FileClose ( $ip )
            $String = StringSplit ( $ip, "(" & ")") 
            $var2 = $String[2] 
            FileDelete ("getip.txt")
            MsgBox(0, "IP Address", $var2)
            FileOpen($ofile, 1)
            FileWriteLine ($ofile,$var1 & "," & $var2)
            $var2 = ""
            FileOpen($ofile, 1)
            FileWriteLine ($ofile,$var1 & "," & $var2)
            MsgBox(0, "Looping Now?", "at end")

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Woot!! That did it! Thanks!!

Could have swore it was supposed to increment on its own but I probably have something else fubared in there..

Thanks for the help!

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