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writing line to the bottom of a file.

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I am trying to use the filewriteline command and found the example:

$file = FileOpen("test.txt", 1)

; Check if file opened for writing OK

If $file = -1 Then

MsgBox(0, "Error", "Unable to open file.")



FileWriteLine($file, "Line1")

FileWriteLine($file, "Line2" & @CRLF)

FileWriteLine($file, "Line3")



however, in the syntax... it states that it needs a line number. what I am looking to do is write have it write a line to the end of a file. or append the line I want writen to the bottom of the text.

so basically it will look like..

Line 1

Line 2

Line 3

Line 4


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FileWriteLine isn't asking for a line number, it's asking for what you want written to the last line in the file. The @CRLF is done automatically.

FileWriteLine("Filename", "InfoToWrite")

Nomad :D

Ah.. I see.. thank you

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