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How do I find the width of the top and left side window border so I can move the client area to the same place with different themes etc?

Welcome to the forum jmnc2...

Hmmm, classic case of :D !

Since I can't really make heads or tails of what your asking, look at WinGetPos() and WinGetClientSize() (I think that may be beta) in the help file.

If you'd like a better response to your questions, I would suggest show what you've attempted code wise first / before you attempt to ask a question, that way if we don't understand what your question actually is, maybe we can see where your going in your script with it. You also may want to post a screen shot with examples of what your trying to do if you don't know how to explain it properly... Just a thought to help get you the "right" answer quicker :D .

Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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