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can't grab the stdout of some appz

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i'm trying to grab the stdout of readcd.exe (one of the tools bundled with cdrtools) but i can't (it does the same with cdrdao.exe 1.2.1). Even if i redirect the output to a text file ( >test.txt) in a dos command box, the file stay empty while readcd (or cdrdao) output can be seen in the dos box.

Any explanation?


$foo = Run(@ScriptDir &'\readcd.exe dev='&$temp&'  f=test.iso', '', 2)
While 1
 $line &= StdoutRead($foo)
 If @error = -1 Then ExitLoop

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Some dos applications dont use std I/O, so you wont be able to capture the output of them. Microsoft's telnet.exe being an example.

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