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Defining and searching for objects

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I'm not sure what the correct term in AutoIt may be for what I'm looking for, but I did try the search and didn't see any topic titles that looked like they may help. I don't even know if this is possible in AutoIt.

In ACTool (very inferior to AutoIt in so many ways), you can define an object (really just a boxed area of the screen you define) and AC will break it down into code regarding colors at certain pixel coords of that box. Then you can take that object code and do a search at x,y as the upper-left coords where you would like to search for the object you defined.

Is there a similar feature in AutoIt? The PixelSearch isn't what I'm looking for since it only looks for a specific color in a box.

Looking again at the docs for AutoIt, would PixelChecksum be a way to go about it? That way I could set up some pre-defined PixelChecksum objects and just match those against what is on the screen now? If this works, that would save a hell of a lot of coding space that AC uses up for objects. Some of them can get extrememly long depending on the size of the object.

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