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Writing domain computer name list to text file

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After successfully writing my auto application installer, my boss wants me to write a program that would poll the network for any computers that are on and shut them down (after 8 pm)

of course I would have a white list for pcs that will remain on; anywho, to get started.. I would like to ping the domain for active pcs on the network and dump it to a text file.

I know I can achieve this by simply using a dos command:

net view /domain:mydomain > c:\ip.txt

this works great; however, the output in which it is set up will cause problems when I pull data from this text file.

Ideally, I would like to have it so that the program spits either the ip address or computername alone (without the \\). That way, I can set each computer or ipaddress as a varable and use the shutdown command.

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#2 ·  Posted (edited)

i use this as the first part of a messeage sending program

;delete last listing
Filedelete(@TempDir & "\b.tmp")

;gets the computer list and a few other things
RunWait(@ComSpec & ' /c net view > ' & @TempDir & '\a.tmp',"", @SW_HIDE)
;open the file for working
$file = FileOpen(@TempDir & "\a.tmp", 0)

; Check if file opened for reading OK
If $file = -1 Then
    MsgBox(0, "QT - Error", "Unable to open file.")

;Creates new file in which the result will be written
FileOpen(@TempDir & "\b.tmp", 1)

; Read in lines of text until the EOF is reached in file a.tmp
While 1
    $line = FileReadLine($file)
    If @error = -1 Then ExitLoop
 ;find the string "\\"
    $result = StringInStr($line,"\\")
      if $result = 1 Then 
    ;find next blank
      $blankpos = StringInStr($line," ")
;Find length of line
      $len = StringLen($line)
;calculate from what position to Trim string to the right
      $len = $len - $blankpos
;Trim all characters after the computer name
      $line = StringTrimRight($line, $len)
;Trim the //
      $line = StringTrimLeft($line,2)
;Write line to file, adding "|"
      FileWrite(@TempDir & "\b.tmp", $line & "|")


FileDelete(@TempDir & "\a.tmp")
$file2 = FileReadline(@TempDir & "\b.tmp", 1)
MsgBox(0,0, $file2)


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