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Jon Mason

Time Count Down

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I'm pushing out an app that requires a reboot, but the installer does not do it on it's own. I want to give the user the chance to reboot on there own, but I'm going to nag them about it. Pardon my logic, but it works for me.

The only part I'm stuck on is the splash screen and the time count down. I don't know if this is stupid or not, but I wanted to throw this out to see what you all thought. I want the seconds to show as 2 digits instead of just 1 when it gets into the single digits. "09" instead of just "9"

$loop = 1
$answer1=MsgBox(4, $loop,"Reboot?")
if $answer1 = 6 then 
    $loop = $loop + 1

    $answer2=MsgBox(4, $loop,"Reboot?")
    if $answer2 = 6 then 
    $loop = $loop + 1
Until $loop > 3

$timeMin = 4
$timeSec = 10

SplashTextOn("Engineering", "Your PC will reboot in:" & @CR & $timeMin & ":" & $timeSec, 100, 50)
$timeSec = $timeSec-1
if $timeSec < 0 Then
    $timeSec = 59
    $timeMin = $timeMin - 1
Until $timeMin = 0


Func _shutdown()
    MsgBox(0, "", "SHUTDOWN(2)")

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