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Need Help for GUI

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Hi all,

I want to make a GUI windows that shows the progress of my application.

I want in this window two fields with numbers:

when a variable is =1 the field [Good one]=1

when a variable is =0 the field [bad one]=1

and after the loop it is the same,but th field have to implement themself:

when variable is =1 the field [Good one]=2

[bad one]=1

-variable=0 [good one]=2

[bad one]=2....

Thanx for help :D

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Don N

Look at GUICreate, GUICtrlCreate, ProgressOn, these should be pretty much everything you need to accomplish this. All info for these functions are in the help file/documentation and on the forums here.

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But I do not need a progress bar !!!

:D Whoa :D !!, if you want to continue getting help, then just sift through the information that was provided. I'd suggest doing the tutorial here


You said you wanted to show the progress of your application, what the hell do you think Progressbar does?

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Sorry I didn't want to offense,thanx for your help,I will look on these tutorials,but I just said that I want fields in which the numbers increase each time :">

Also, Try the GUI Builder that comes with SciTE it a marvelous tool for people who know what they want the script to look like, but don't know the right gui function to get it in code. If i never used it, this forum would be 100+ posts biger with random threads by me concerning which type of control to use :D

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