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Commands with an IP???

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how can u send a command from one computer to another with the IP address, or connecting to a computer like ftp or something, with the command prompt? and can i maybe run a script like this?

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If you wanted to use FTP, the host would need to run an FTP server. If you want a free one that is very good, I would recomend CesarFTP (with features such as remote administration, virtual directory structure, and advanced user settings). Then just use the DOS 'FTP' command. Example: 'ftp my_domain.com' or 'ftp'. Then, to get or put files, cd to the directory and 'get file.ext' or 'put file.ext'. For more info on using FTP, please google search for 'windows FTP commands' or something similar. For a free dynamic name to use with a server, check out No-IP's website for a free way to get a domain name linked to your server.

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