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Serial Port

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Does anyone have a UDF for serial port i/o? What I want to do is set a pin to high or low, and read to see if a different pin is high or low, for use with simple relays.

I am wondering about a udf because i have no idea how to program with dll calls.

Any help would be appreciated!!!

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If you want to know the states of one of theses lines

- CTS (Clear To Send) signal

- DSR (Data Set Ready) signal

- RI (ring indicator) signal

- RLSD (Receive Line Signal Detect) signal

then I have a function _CommGetLineStates in my serial port udf, shown in my signature, which returns the current state (ON or OFF) of each one.

If it's not one of those lines then I don't know.

EDIT: First said I could add the function but then found I had already done it.

Edited by martin

Serial port communications UDF Includes functions for binary transmission and reception.printing UDF Useful for graphs, forms, labels, reports etc.Add User Call Tips to SciTE for functions in UDFs not included with AutoIt and for your own scripts.Functions with parameters in OnEvent mode and for Hot Keys One function replaces GuiSetOnEvent, GuiCtrlSetOnEvent and HotKeySet.UDF IsConnected2 for notification of status of connected state of many urls or IPs, without slowing the script.

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