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Mouseclick does not register

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On computer#1 win Xp i have written a script and run it successfully. I then compiled it into an EXE and d/l it to computer #2.

The problem is that even though the exe activates the proper window, and it even moves the mouse cursor to the correct positions, the click does not go thru.

i am using the mouseclick function.

I have even tried using the Send function in order to do the equivalent what the clicks do, but these did not register as well.

Some notes, Computer#2 is an old win 98 p3 500mhx geforce2 mmx 440 maybe this has to do with the problem.

i use Aldo's Macro recorder sucessfully on this computer to send keystrokes but it too cannot send mouselicks.

Edit: added Os of both computers.

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:D oh wow after several hours tonight and irc channel hopping (with no replies) i didn't even think to think about OS compatiblilty!

win 98 is what the old comp uses and i bet it has issues with au3 so i'd better read up on converting script to au2 :huh2:

win xp on the compute i wrote the script on.

Edit: added os of other comp.

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