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do you think this can be done?

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im trying to save myself some money on my cell phone plan, escpecially making outbound calls... I subscribe to voip.net for a personal voip account, and they have a click to talk feature in your accounts settings. Now my cell phone provider has unlimited incomming minutes in its plan. So what im thinking about doing is making a script that would check for emails every minute or so, and looks for 2 sets of numbers in it, the email would have the subject of Phone Me (or something) and the body of ###-###-#### ###-###-#### the first #'s is the phone number i am at, and the last one is the number i want to call..

The script would then open IE or FireFox, login to my personal page (so logon to panel.voip.net) enter my username and password, click to logon to my phone account. and copy those phone numbers from the email to their appropriate area on voip.net's webpage. and click call.

Once call has been clicked, it would need to action a popup confirm screen (just says to pick up your phone when it rings) and deleted the email.

Am i dreaming? or can someone point me in the right direction.

Thanks Guys!

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welcome to the forums

Interesting first project... and Yes it can all be done with Autoit

you will need to use ( or should use ) IE.au3 library for controlling Internet Explorer ( not Firefox ) this is a proven way to accomplish what you want

you can learn alot here also ... there are 15 demo's on the IE.au3 Library. Beta version ( required) and SciTE editor ( just great to have )



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