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*XPClean One-Click*

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completely re-written using arrays

now searches for installed programs

downloads to a desktop folder

100 lines shorter

any problems or ideas... let me know


I'm really scared of ur script

I don't think I'm gonna be near ur creativity even after 5 years

nice job u made me wanna learn more

[quote]Baby you're all that I want, When you're lyin' here in my armsI'm findin' it hard to believe, We're in heavenAnd love is all that I need , And I found it there in your heartIt isn't too hard to see, We're in heaven .Bryan Adams[/quote].............................................................................[u]AUTOIT[/u]

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It seems as though XPClean.au3 is only downloading the updates to Ad-Aware. It happens too quick for it to actually do a scan.

Do I have something configured wrong? Is that what it's supposed to do?

This is my settings file:





Ad-Aware SE=On

SpyBot S&&D=On

Windows Defender=Off

AVG Anti-Virus=Off

*XPClean* Auto-Run=Off

Clean Manager=Off


Defragment Boot Files=Off

Defragment C:\ Drive=Off

Defragment D:\ Drive=Off






Thank you,


It's set up to do a quick scan. If you want to modify it to do a full scan, go to the adaware function and add this to the loop:

If $Click = 1 Then
        If ControlCommand($MainWindowTitle, '', 'TACGFXcheckbox3', 'IsVisible', '') Then; 2nd page
            ControlClick($MainWindowTitle, '', 'TRadioButton1')
            $Click = 2

You will, of course, have to renumber the current Click 1 through Click 6 to be Click 2 through Click 7.

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Have you had any thought to update this script to the new Ad-Aware 2007 ?

Thanks for a great script. It's a real time saver.

Thank you,


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