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Mouse function considerably slower

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Since the API functionality has not been implemented in AutoIT, I have been using a version of the code below. It works well in the released version (the cursor stays within the square), but the script lets the cursor jump out of the square in the latest beta.



$pos = MouseGetPos()
$x = $pos[0]
$y = $pos[1]

Case $pos[0] > 600
    MouseMove(600, $y,0)

Case $pos[0] < 400
    MouseMove(400, $y,0)

Case $pos[1] > 400
    MouseMove($x, 400,0)

CASE $pos[1] < 200
    MouseMove($x, 200,0)



func E()

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hmmm... that's interesting to know... though I have no idea why it'd be, I can cooborate that it also happens to me.

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