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beep sound - how do I generate in AutoIt3

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When certain slow activities are complete in my program, I want to send an audible cue to the user to respond. The help says ASCII 7 is "Bell, rings the bell... (Plays Windows' default beep)"; but:

Send("{ASC 7}")

doesn't work. Thanks

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Soundplay launches the media player - this is a little heavy for a simple beep. I thought a little more about this and came up with something that works:


MsgBox(0,"Before the Beep","")


MsgBox(0,"After the Beep","")



Func beep()

If Not FileExists("C:\BEEP.bat") Then

$str = "prompt "

FileWriteLine("C:\BEEP.bat", $str)


RunWait(@ComSpec & " /c C:\BEEP.bat", "", @SW_HIDE)



Note: in $str = is ctrl-G character

Thanks to 'scriptkitty' for earlier posting on using RunWait without flashing.

Is there any way to make this shorter - esp to eliminate the need for BAT file?


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Wow, it actually beeps the pc speaker... It is maybe better find a way to select the .wav?

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Run(@ComSpec & " /c echo " & Chr(7), "", @SW_HIDE)

Hope that works for you

Very neat, Sluggie :) .. at last my dumb pc has found its voice!

:huh2: Perhaps this can find its way into the CHM as an example of .. I dunno, @SW_HIDE? Hmmm .. or even as part of the rumoured tutorial :D

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ok have not tried this but, here are the associated players that can play a wav from with in windows...


from what i have read almost if not all support /play /close switches afterwards followed by the wav file path and name of file.... the only one that is different is the amovie.ocx and it command are

rundll amovie.ocx,RunDll /play /close

i believe... if it doesn't run with rundll, try rundll32. also all the above is not included in all versions of windows. you will have to experiment... i cannot find amovie.ocx, and mplayer.exe in windws 2000. Oh i have read somewhere that mplay32.exe is limited in path length, so let it be known... i hope this all helps...




Madness is the first step to understanding...

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