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Network Functions

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Would anyone know where I could find example scripts using the Network functions, i.e. FtpSetProxy, HttpSetProxy, InetGet, InetGetSize

Many Thanks

Best Regards Merriman

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InetGet/InetGetSize can be found in many downloaders on the Scripts and Scraps forums.

As for the Proxy functions, the can be used with Anonymous Proxies to allow for secure, anon downloading of stuff. (Have not seen any examples of this yet though)

The functions:

#  TCPAccept
#  TCPCloseSocket
#  TCPConnect
#  TCPListen
#  TCPNameToIP
#  TCPRecv
#  TCPSend
#  TCPShutdown
#  TCPStartup
#  TCPTimeout (Option)
#  UDPBind
#  UDPCloseSocket
#  UDPOpen
#  UDPRecv
#  UDPSend
#  UDPShutdown
#  UDPStartup
Are used in networking applications. Here is a very good topic on these functions: http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=20589


edit: Added link to TCP Examples Topic.

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