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Window box name finders. List all possible ways.

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Larry posted the other day when some guy made a post about hwo he wanted his IP thinger to be filled out but he could not find the controls for the boxs.

This was usefull information one of the programs was Autospy another one was WinGetText function. I can no longer find that thread.

Was there another script someone had made that list the Moduals?.

This seems like a question people ask a lot so why not make a sticky of it so it stays on top...threads disapear really fast.

I modified the autospy code a little to make it easier to copy down the boxes.

here is the code ot do this: (just add it to the start of autospy. when you press the Pause button it will copy it to clipboard then you can press CTR-V to paste it where you want it.

HotKeySet("{PAUSE}", "Copy")

Func Copy()

   ClipPut ( ControlRefUnderMouse($H) )

Anyway... let me know about other programs.

Lastly does anyone happen to know what the general name of Combo Boxes, Date Boxes and Text Boxes.

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