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Why do any script remap numbers keyboard randomly

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I have a script in startup and it makes sometimes something unussual:

it changes (remap) itselft, the upper side of the keyboard, the numbers, (I dont speak of numpad), but the numbers over the letters.

As I start the PC, some times (1/5, 1 out of every 5 aprox) it changes to the values AS IT WHERE PRESSED THE SHIFT,

SO I try to write '123' and it writes something like '!"$',

THE TEMP SOLUTION: as soon as I press the normal L-Shift key once it works WELL again.

Some Ideas WHY it happens, and how can I stop it?


P.S. my keyboard is a works with spanish key, I think it doesnt have to do. Dont know

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Try making it sleep for some time before running- maybe sleep (6000). A Lot of things may be happening at startup that may have adverse affects on send keys ect...

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