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is there a v3 Decompiler???

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Guest Darien

well.. i think the title is self explanatory... but I the beta version of autoit v3 didn't come with a script decompiler and I very much need one...

is there one available or is that only for v2.64

any help is appreciated... thx

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When I do the decompiler it wil only decompile files created with the release version - I've been tinkering with the compile format and compression almost every other version so they are all different.

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Yeah... in v3 final there will be a decompiler...... They should really ditch the passphrase thing though, cuz thats cheesy.... Someone could use a password cracking program to crack that so easy..... It should be like C++ where u need the source to edit the program..... and if they decompile it, they have to read it in Machine Code :whistle:

~~ Safeguarding The Land ~~

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If one wanted more security, there is several Exe compressors, and other ways to make it hard to decompile.

Any hacker is going to figure out the code if he really wants to, many times giving folks a challenge causes more havok than if left alone.

The decompiler just made it more of a complete system, and just like the tray icon, :whistle: shouldn't scare ya.

That said, I don't think there should be any rush for it. I would say it would be a low priority. There are so many other great things possible to spend valuable time on.

AutoIt3, the MACGYVER Pocket Knife for computers.

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