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Change the color of the gui ?

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What one to use ?


; Note I did this by hand using relative positioning before I knew any better! - CyberSlug
Opt("GuiCoordMode", 0)

; Start GUI creation
GuiCreate("My GUI", 380, 300)
; will run notepad if F1 is typed,set a default background and change icon

Global $ACS_AUTOPLAY = 4
GUISetControl( "avi", "inetconnect.avi", 1, 1,-1,-1,$ACS_AUTOPLAY)
    GUISetControl("label", "Sample avi", 1, 40, 70)
GUISetControl( "button", "Button", 1, 40)
GUISetControl( "combo", "", 1, 50)
    GUISetControlData(-1, "Combo", "Combo")
GUISetControl( "date", "", 1, 50, 200)
    GUISetControl("label", "Date control expands in to a calendar...", 1, 30)
    GUISetControlEx(-1,0,0,"",0xff); set text in red
GUISetControl( "edit", "This is an edit control", 1, 30, 200, 50)

Opt("GuiCoordMode", 1); switch to absolute coordinate mode
GUISetControl( "label","", 100, 1, 1, 1)
Opt("GuiCoordMode", 0)

GUISetControl( "input", "Input", -10, 80, 100, 20)

GUISetControl("label", "This is a green label", 1, 50, 100, 20)
    GUISetControlEx(-1, 0, 0, "" ,0, 0x00FF00); backgroun in red

Opt("GuiCoordMode", 1)
GUISetControl( "list","", 200, 1, 120, 60)
    GUISetControlData(-1, "Listbox control|Sample", "Sample")
Opt("GuiCoordMode", 0)

GUISetControl( "progress", "", 1, 50, 120, 20)
    GUISetControlEx (-1, 70)
    GUISetControl("label", "Sample progress", 40, 21)

GUISetControl( "group", "Group", -30, 30, 140, 70)
    GUISetControl( "radio", "Radio One", 10, 20, 80, 20)
    GUISetControl( "radio", "Radio Two", -1, 20, 80, 20)
        GuiSetControlEx(-1, 1);check Radio Two

Opt("GuiCoordMode", 1)
GUISetControl("checkbox", "Checkbox", 250, 270, 100,20)

GUISetControl( "icon","shell32.dll|2", 330, 10)
   GUISetControl("label", "  Icon", 330, 50)

GUISetControl( "pic","logo.bmp", 80, 1)
   GUISetControl("label", "Sample pic", 115, 45, 60, 15)

; start creation of a tab control
GUISetControl("tab", "", 220, 180, 140, 80)
GuiSetControlFont(-1,9,700)  ; to display tab names in bold

; define first tab name
    GUISetControl("tabitem", "One", 1, 60)
     GUISetControl("label", "Sample tab control", 230, 220, 100, 30)

; define second tab name
    GUISetControl("tabitem", "Two...", 1, 60)
; define second tab name
    GUISetControl("tabitem", "Three...", 1, 60)
; end tab definition
GUISetControl("tabitem", "",0,0)

; display the GUI waiting a close action by default only button close the GUI

I can't see where to change color ?

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i just figured that out when i was looking at the example for the first time also because i could tell that it was a color. it might be in the help file somewhere though, sometimes its just hard to find.

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if u get the pixel finder from the scripts and scraps section ... i forgot who made it... u can put ur mouse over a color and find it...or u can just get a program or list of colors from another website and it'll tell u

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Why is there nothing on GUIs in the helpfile? I'd like to learn more about them and use them.

They are in the helpfile in the AutoIt: Function Referance: Message Boxes and Dialogs: Gui Referance section. You'll need to obtain your files from the unstable section to be able to use any GUI functions, and that's where the helpfile is that explains them.

[font="Optima"]"Standing in the rain, twisted and insane, we are holding onto nothing.Feeling every breath, holding no regrets, we're still looking out for something."[/font]Note: my projects are off-line until I can spend more time to make them compatable with syntax changes.

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