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Idenity "empty" icon from dll?

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I made just a quicky little program that will let me browse through the icons contained in shell32.dll. I create an icon in my gui and use the following code to set the icon image:

GUICtrlSetImage(-1, $file , $icon)

Where $file = "shell32.dll" and $icon is the icon number. How can I read that specific icon to see if it is blank? I am thinking of making my program just list all of the icons in shell32.dll and possibly from others and want it to stop listing after so many "empty" icons that I believe would be the end of the icon list?

I've seen some other programs that will do that already for me, but I want to make it myself. go figure!

any help would be appreciated.

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Calling ExtractIcon function with -1 as icon index will return number of icons in file:

$ret = DllCall("shell32.dll", "int", "ExtractIcon", "int", 0, "str", "shell32.dll", "int", -1)
MsgBox (0, "Icons:", $ret[0])

Edit: what weird with [autoit] tag?

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