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neo van matix

Need help - PowerMizer

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i'm working on a laptop with a nvidia 7600 Go.

Now, my problem: It takes much time and exercise patience to set up the PowerMizer to the lowest / highest level.

its awful to setup this with touchpad...

Now, andybody has an idea, how to start the "Design"-Windows (if u click right onto your desktop and choose Properties, sry, dont know the english derivat...) from the command line or something else?

i've searched, but nothing found...

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grml :D

thanks, that works fine...

But, its not as easy as it should be. Tried it now for 1 h, and my 2 Scripts for max and min gpu power are working - ...

But only each second time i start the script.

Maybe, someone knows, how i can change the powermizer level via registry-key?

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