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Update listbox contents as user types

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Im sure there is a function to do this or a better way than I currently have.

I have a listbox, as the user types weather the listbox has focus or they type in an edit box (not sure which way I want to do it yet) I want to update the listbox to match what they are typing and remove any listbox objects that dont not match. (basically call a function I will create each time they press a key so I can change the way matching occurs)

I could set hotkeys for lots of characters (which I dont want to do)

Get the $msg each time the main loop executes (too CPU intensive)

Is there a better way?


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Check out the example for this UDF, which at least does partially what you want...

It does "match what they are typing", but it doesn't delete the other entries that

don't match.. Looks like you have to create a UDF yourself for that part to work.

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