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COM function returns 2d array

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I'm trying to write an AutoIt interface to a frame grabber card I have at work. The card grabs an image from a camera and places it in a buffer. There's an ActiveX interface to it, which I've succeeding in getting AutoIt to talk to.

The card generates an event, onFrameComplete, which passes a DTBuffer object to an AutoIt function. This works, since I can access properties like DTBuffer.Width and get the right answer. There is a method GetData which returns a 2d array corresponding to the image in the buffer. But the variable returned by this does not have the correct structure.

i.e. $data = $buffer.GetData()

IsArray ($data) returns 1 - so it is an array

However - UBound ($data, 0) returns 0. This should be 2 - the number of dimensions. But it isn't. What's going on? Is it a pointer to an array or something? Is this a limitation of AutoIt, that it can't handle arrays returned by COM objects? Or am I doing something else wrong?


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