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IE.au3 text problem

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Hi All,

Ive been developing a script over the last few days. but im stuck at a certain point.

Basically the script uses ie.au3 to scrape some text from a table into an array, this is fine and all of it works

On the webpage itself the cell contents display like below (when rendered in browser)

Firstname - John

Surname - Smith

Ph number - 5555555555

What the script does is takes that cell data builds an array then pastes the copied data into a terminal application im using. It all looks fine until it goes to paste the data.

when it pastes it it turns out something like below

Firstname - JohnSurname - SmithPh number - 5555555555 there is no new lines like on the webpage.

If i go to the webpage and manually copy the text and paste the block of text it into the terminal application, it displays correctly ( on each line), but not when it is parsed through autoit.

Ive tried to output the info several ways all to the same result. Ive tried.





Just incase it was how the block was pasted or something.

Does anyone have any suggestions.??

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