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How to select a particular TAB in timedate.cpl?

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I have just yesterday started using this tool.

After a great deal of beginners problems, I have come to the end of my wits with two particular problems:


Hos do I select a specific TAB (e.g. TimeZone in "Date and Time Properties")


How do I check where I am, in an application like GPEDIT.MSC?


I want to be able to ensure that I am actually on the "Local Computer Policy\Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\User Profiles" folder before continuing...

The Spy feature shows the information, but I seem to be unable to use this information to my advantage.

Quite simple problems actually, but as I said, I'm a newbee. I could not find any other threads that discussed these two topics, by using the search function on this site.

Hope someone can help, as I am going crazy here.


Jorgen Bruun

Nordea Bank


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Thanks for the suggestion, it worked, except for one detail I don't understand.

If I write the command including the title of the Window, it doesn't react.

ControlCommand ( "Date and Time Properties", "", "SysTabControl321", "TabRight", "")

If I leave the title blank, it works. However this seems a bit unsafe, as I do not know what window it is working on...

ControlCommand ( "", "", "SysTabControl321", "TabRight", "")

As for the ControlGetFocus command, what does it do??

It's nice, I'm getting there, even though I don't really know how.


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Here are some code samples tested on Windows XP.

This might look pretty complicated, so here's some quick info on this code:

1) Open the Date/Time properties window. Essentially run the console command cmd /c control.exe "c:\windows\system32\timedate.cpl" watching out for quotation marks and spaces--and HIDE the command prompt.

2) Wait for the window to appear (and be active)

3) Jump to the second tab

Run(@ComSpec & ' /c control.exe ' & '"' & @SystemDir & '\timedate.cpl"' , "", @SW_HIDE)
$title = "Date and Time Properties"
ControlCommand($title,"","SysTabControl321", "TabRight", "")


but it should give you ideas...

; meaning that cursor focus starts out at "Local Computer Policy"
Run(@ComSpec & ' /c gpedit.msc', "", @SW_HIDE)
WinWaitActive("Group Policy")
While Not WinGetText("Group Policy") <> "Local Computer Policy\Computer Configuration"
While Not WinGetText("Group Policy") <> "Local Computer Policy\Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates"


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Thanks a Mill.

Worked fine.

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