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I'm trying to make a simple script that changes the ctrl key to a toggle key. Basically, when you press the key, it holds down ctrl until you press it again. I like to figure things out my self, so all I'm asking for is a list of the values for the _ispressed function (i.e. 'a'=4... probably not right, but an example.....)


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Look at the beta help file under udfs under Misc an ispressed under there is a list over all the keys hex numbers

But here the keys number is:

01 Left mouse button

02 Right mouse button

04 Middle mouse button (three-button mouse)

05 Windows 2000/XP: X1 mouse button

06 Windows 2000/XP: X2 mouse button


09 TAB key

0C CLEAR key

0D ENTER key

10 SHIFT key

11 CTRL key

12 ALT key

13 PAUSE key

14 CAPS LOCK key

1B ESC key


21 PAGE UP key

22 PAGE DOWN key

23 END key

24 HOME key


26 UP ARROW key



29 SELECT key

2A PRINT key



2D INS key

2E DEL key

30 0 key

31 1 key

32 2 key

33 3 key

34 4 key

35 5 key

36 6 key

37 7 key

38 8 key

39 9 key

41 A key

42 B key

43 C key

44 D key

45 E key

46 F key

47 G key

48 H key

49 I key

4A J key

4B K key

4C L key

4D M key

4E N key

4F O key

50 P key

51 Q key

52 R key

53 S key

54 T key

55 U key

56 V key

57 W key

58 X key

59 Y key

5A Z key

5B Left Windows key

5C Right Windows key

60 Numeric keypad 0 key

61 Numeric keypad 1 key

62 Numeric keypad 2 key

63 Numeric keypad 3 key

64 Numeric keypad 4 key

65 Numeric keypad 5 key

66 Numeric keypad 6 key

67 Numeric keypad 7 key

68 Numeric keypad 8 key

69 Numeric keypad 9 key

6A Multiply key

6B Add key

6C Separator key

6D Subtract key

6E Decimal key

6F Divide key

70 F1 key

71 F2 key

72 F3 key

73 F4 key

74 F5 key

75 F6 key

76 F7 key

77 F8 key

78 F9 key

79 F10 key

7A F11 key

7B F12 key

7C-7F F13 key - F16 key

80H-87H F17 key - F24 key

90 NUM LOCK key


A0 Left SHIFT key

A1 Right SHIFT key

A2 Left CONTROL key

A3 Right CONTROL key

A4 Left MENU key

A5 Right MENU key

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