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Autoit Compling a .a3x

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I want to be able to generate a random code (Random function) then write it into a .a3x with a password to be able to access it. But .a3x needs to be compiled.


Func read ($password)
If $password = "Password" Then
$code = "Code"
Return $code
MsgBox ( 1, "Incorrect", "Incorrect Password" )

And write and compile it into a .a3x along with the code.

Only idea i could think of otherwise I need to make a way to have a public\full version and i have to encrypt a code and send them a file.

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a3x is a "compiled" script without the script engine.

You can run the script from another autoit program with this line:

$res = RunWait(@AutoItExe &' /AutoIt3ExecuteScript "' & $scriptpathname & '"'

But @w0uter is quite right using a hash or encryption sceeme is more efficient and safe.

EDIT: It's typo day today.

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