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Could someone explain how this works

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I know you can use Progress Meter and have it show when something is done but I don't understand how to use it with something that is running and use the Progress Meter .

Show me in simple terms if you can please ,

ProgressOn("Progress Meter", "Increments every second", "0 percent")

For $i = 10 to 100 step 10


ProgressSet( $i, $i & " percent")


ProgressSet(100 , "Done", "Complete")



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The best example of a Progress Meter is JdeB's "Tidy" script. Search the "Scripts and Scraps" forum; it is also available in the SciTE 1.60 thread.

If you use a lot of FileMove's or FileCopy's, then you can use a update the progress meter after each file (or after a certain number of kilobytes is processed--if you know the total in advance).

I don't think Progress Meter can easily be used to track the progress of an external event very easily; only internal functions that you call.

Hope that helps

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