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Having a bit of trouble

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Ok, I was creating my own Math1.au3 file that has functions that I have added, the problem is I don't get how it works. When I try

#include <Math1.au3>

It says Error Unable to read Math1.au3

I have saved it in Beta/Include/Math1.au3

I have added the first few lines below


Func _Sqr($variable)
    If not Number($variable) Then
        Return ""
    Return $variable * $variable

This is my first Include file, and I have about 25 functions added, for Algebra 2 and some trig skills and some geomatry.

If someone could point me into the right dirrection I'd appreciate it :D.


Edit fixed.

Edited by Travmanx

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works for me... are you sure you are runnin beta?

in SciTE... Press

Tools > Run Beta


EDIT... late again

Edited by Valuater


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