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need some help

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for some reason my autoit doesnt seem to be working

im using it for diablo2 lod to glitch my merc

i found this script on 2 different sites so im guessing its right

Global $Paused

HotKeySet("{1}", "TogglePause")

HotKeySet("{2}", "Terminate")

While 1



Func TogglePause()

$Paused = NOT $Paused

While $Paused





Func Terminate()

Exit 0


do i have to make it a .au3 file or can it stay .txt for the autoit to be able to run it

it says its running when i run the .exe and click on the txt file when prompted, but when i hit "home" like it says too to start the autoit script. and "End" to stop the script

well when i hit Home nothing happens i minimize d2 and it still says the script is paused.

some1 help me, i lookd threw the .html help file couldnt find nething

btw i changed home and end to 1 and 2, thats after about 5 times of trying to hit home and run

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