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I want to put together a script that can scan a network drive, identify any files that have not been accessed since a specific date. For example, I want to search S drive for any doc files not accessed since January first.

Is such a script possible or has anyone had a crack at it? If so, can I please take a look at it? I just can't figure out where to start. Any help would be appreciated.



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the whole drive???

use dir command and output to a file

a cetain folder/folders?

then use filelisttoarray

thats just the start

******************************* then

Something like this?

$n_tFile = "your file name"
$n_Fdate = FileGetTime($n_tFile,1)
$sdate=$n_Fdate[0] & "/" & $n_Fdate[1] & "/" & $n_Fdate[2] & " " &  $n_Fdate[3] & ":" & $n_Fdate[4] & ":" & $n_Fdate[5]
If _DateDiff ('d',$sdate,$eDate) > 5 then


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