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Cropping + Scrolling Images

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I desperately need to know how I can crop images rather than merely resizing to where they get distorted. I can't afford a layover GUI to imitate image cropping (the multiple images touch each other in the center of the GUI) and every transparency attempt at having a "hole" in the middle of the GUI to peer through onto the orginally-sized images (pseudo-cropping theory) has failed. I found the microsoft preview obj but the problem is that the multiple images touch each other and there was poor documentation on the functions to display pictures so I was unable to display only the pictures rather than the toolbar and background, etc. that came with the object. Any other ways around this :D or additional objects would be greatly appreciated.

Also, it doesn't seem as though there is any way to possibly draw many images and then scroll through them, but it is surely worth a try. Thanks


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