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Tunnel Server port 80...maybe use SSL?

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Hey all....

Just trying to get a feel for the best way to approach this new project. I have a situation where a certain line of business app that I work with has database sync capabilities....where you can have one "master" dbase and then multiple remotes that sync every now and then to the "master". The sync can be done over a LAN, or over the internet if you poke holes in the firewall correctly. Well the scope of this project is to try and create a tunnel over port 80 from the "master" dbase machine to an SSL gateway server so that no firewall config is needed. That way the remote databases hit the SSL gateway on port 65100, redirect, and then link up to the "master" via port 80 jumping right through the firewall. Here is an image of the idea: Posted Image

Do you guys think this is even possilbe and if so what tools would maybe handle this? My thoughts were to try and devlop a client type wrapper with AutoIT for SSL to run on the users PCs and server.



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