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Sean M

ProcessWaitClose help

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Hello all,

I have two problems that I need some help on.


I am trying to copy over some files from a network drive onto my the C drive and I want the first copy to finish before the 2nd copy starts. I tried processwaitclose, but that didn't seem to work. My code is as follows

DirCopy("T:\Software\VisualStudio\VS.Net", "C:\Software\VS.Net")
DirCopy("T:\Software\OfficeXP PIAs", "C:\Software\OfficeXP PIAs")
DirCopy("T:\REMOTE ACCESS\Cisco-Client3.6.4-K9\setup.iss", "C:\Remote Access\C:\REMOTE ACCESS\Cisco-Client3.6.4-K9\")
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Any help would be much appreciated Thanks!

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On the second issue, you could just run the exe's directly

These lines may work as is

RunWait("C:\Software\VS.Net\VSS\Sminst.exe /k xxxxxxxxx REBOOT=ReallySuppress", "C:\Software\VS.Net\VSS")
RunWait("C:\Software\VS.Net\setup\setup.exe /qn /k xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx REBOOT=ReallySuppress", "C:\Software\VS.Net\setup")


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As far as I know, the second copy will not start until the first copy finishes by default. However, you could always do...

Until FileExists("MyDir")

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