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Need some help again

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Hi everyone. I need to do a simple change with the following code:

For $x = $aRecords[0] To 6 Step - 1

    $aRecords[$x] = StringStripWS($aRecords[$x],3)

    If Not FileExists($homepcbudir &$aRecords) Then MsgBox(64, 'Info', 'File ' & $homepcbudir & $aRecords[$x] & ' Does not exist')


    If $aRecords[$x] <> "" Then


            FileDelete($homepcbudir & $aRecords[$x])

            ToolTip('On this file:' & @CR & $homepcbudir & $aRecords[$x], 0, 0)


        Until Not FileExists($homepcbudir & $aRecords[$x])

     ;SplashTextOn("Autobackup", "Deleting " & $home & $aRecords[$x], 200, 150)





Is it possible to modify this line:

For $x = $aRecords[0] To 6 Step - 1

so that the program performs the for statement on the first four files in the array only? I have looked all over and although it's probably the easiest thing to do, I am having a hard time doing the modification.


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